1. From a pure “level of accomplishment versus expectations” standpoint:  Victor Cruz (Super Bowl) > Tim Tebow (Playoffs) > Jeremy Lin (Spectacular couple of weeks).  Now if Lin helps the Knicks make a run in the playoffs, he instantly vaults over Tebow.
  2. Must listenThe Civil Wars.  Unique – distinct – awesome. Start with Barton Hollow.  Many thanks to Matt Perrault for introducing me to them.
  3. Have not laughed harder recently than when Dr. Ron Paul claimed in a debate that people are sick and tired of people from Congress…a declaration from a CONGRESSMAN of over two decades.  Can’t make this stuff up.  Wake me up when he decides to actually run for President versus what he is doing now –  running as Romeny’s hit man and laying the ground work for his son’s (Rand) VP or 2016 presidential ambitions.
  4. Must watchKen Burn’s three-part miniseries on Prohibition recently on PBS.  Fascinating.
  5. Late night re-run alert update:  Friends is holding up VERY well over time (especially since I don’t recognize that any Joey/Rachael storyline ever existed).  Maybe even better than Seinfeld.  Yes, I just said that.  Welcome to the life of an insomniac.
  6. Did you know that over 50% of the members of Congress are millionaires…and we wonder why they seem incapable of relating to “normal” people and understanding how laws truly affect the general public.  Many are not part of the general public and never have been.
  7. For entertainment value alone, I would really like to see either a brokered or contested Republican convention.  Now that would be can’t-miss reality TV.
  8. Must NOT readLost Symbol by Dan Brown.    Theology concerns aside (which there are many), I was so mad at one plot swerve, I will likely never read another book by Mr. Brown.
  9. As of today, 80% likelihood that President Obama will be re-elected.  But if gas prices get to $4 or $5 a gallon, that number will drop very quickly.
  10. Senator Santorum’s debate performance this week = train wreck.  Hard to watch and not watch…at the same time.