11% in Louisiana
16% in Kentucky
17% in Kansas
8% in Maine
250+ delegate gapiStock_000078487265_XXXLarge

Nomination battles are fueled by a compelling narrative and by momentum.

Marco Rubio’s campaign has lost both.

Following a worse-than-expected Super Tuesday, the March 5th “Super Saturday” results listed above confirm this and is the final indication that given the current circumstances within the Republican nomination fight, he no longer has a path to the nomination. EVEN if Rubio were to win Florida, he would still be 3rd place in delegates and too far behind to catch up. EVEN if this goes to a contested convention, he would not be the unity choice any longer to heal the party.

There will be much time for analysis and a proper autopsy as to why this didn’t work (the NH ambush they should have seen coming; the low-value of governor/Senate endorsements; poor strategic decisions as to where to campaign; overall timing issues). However now is the time to ‘do no further harm’. Drop out this week and let the Cruz Crew have their wish and see if they can get it done; an act of humility that even Cruz didn’t follow prior to his own home state contest. And this pains me to say because I am not a fan of Ted Cruz. Whether it’s his purposeful intellectual dishonesty about the government shutdown and the defunding Planned Parenthood, or the type of dishonest campaign he allowed his staff to run on his behalf or his sanctimonious embracement of the very identity politics that he claims to despise including playing the victim card whenever things don’t go his way or his role in creating the very poisoned environment we now find ourselves…in the end, he’s not Donald Trump and he is winning.

And for this election cycle, unfortunately, that’s good enough.